Repair and Weatherization Program

Is your house drafty?
Are your energy bills through the roof?
Do high repair costs keep you from weatherizing your home?

Habitat may be able to help you lower your heating and cooling costs. In collaboration with the City of Bloomington and Sherlock Homes, Inc. you may be eligible to receive weatherization services that include: insulation, weather sealing, water heater treatments, and furnace tune-ups. As part of this program, Habitat will also provide critical home repairs such as roofing and flooring stabilization and fixing gas leaks to homes which need additional assistance.

Eligibility Guidelines

Occupation Status

To receive repair and weatherization services, you must occupy your single family home and be listed on the title. Your home must not be in danger of foreclosure and you must be up to date on property taxes. Residents throughout the City of Bloomington are encouraged to apply, although priority will be given to properties located on the near west side. For further clarification, please see the map below. 


Ability to Pay

Homeowners will contribute a portion of the repair cost. For small projects, a fee of $50 to $100 will be the responsibility of the homeowner. For larger projects, a five year interest-free loan may be made available, with payments as low as $15 per month depending on your income.

Family Income

Your income should fall within 25% to 80% of the county's median income for your family size. Additionally, you must have at least one year of stable income coming into your household. We can include non-work related income such as food stamps, child support, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Social Security, etc.

2013 Annual Income Guidelines
 Family Size
 25% Median Income
  80% of Median Income
 One  $10,700  $34,240
 Two  $12,225  $39,120
 Three  $13,750  $44,000
 Four  $15.275  $48,880
 Five  $16,500
 Six  $17,725  $56,720
 Seven  $18,950 $60,640

2013 Monthly Income Guidelines
 Family Size
 25% Median Income
  80% of Median Income
 One  $892  $2,853
 Two  $1,019  $3,260
 Three  $1,146  $3,667
 Four  $1,273  $4,073
 Five  $1,375
 Six  $1,477  $4,727
 Seven  $1,579 $5,053
Eight $1,681 $5,380

Willingness to Partner with Habitat

Once you have been selected to receive home repairs or weatherization services, you become a "partner family." This partnership is a unique characteristic of our program that allows you to contribute to your ongoing eligibility through "sweat equity." This means that each adult family member is responsible for completing 20-50 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity. The amount of hours required is dependent upon the size of project taking place in your home. This sweat equity requirement can be completed during site construction on current homes, in the Habitat office, at the Habitat ReStore, or by volunteering with a community organization. Sweat Equity is a fun way to stay involved in the Habitat community and assist our volunteer teams with weatherizing your home.
Interested in Learning More?

If you meet the qualifications and would like more information about Habitat's Repair and Weatherization Program, contact Habitat's Family Services Liaison at 812-334-4069.